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Christmas Parade And Smart Melt

Happy Holidays from all of us here at McGlynn Glisson and Mouton! We’ve had a busy few weeks around the office. Most notably, the Smart Melt kicked off our pre-Christmas season. Smart Melt is an opportunity for elementary and middle aged students to have their artwork framed in professional style and hung in our office for public showing. Each month, a different school is selected and the artwork changed out.

“We created Smart Melt because we felt other law firms in town were showcasing up-and-coming, popular Baton Rouge artists’ work. We wanted to show what elementary, middle and high school students were capable of creating,” said Susie Granier, a legal assistant at the firm. “We talked to art teachers and administrators, and they said these students have a lot of talent but nowhere to show their art. They often are limited in funds and parental support, too. We want to show off their art so they feel confident about it and continue pursuing it.”

Also, in the spirit of the season, MGM was one of many floats that took part in this year’s Christmas Parade. Check out the pictures below if you didn’t catch us!

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