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Accident Check List

1. Check to see if you or any passengers with you were injured in the automobile accident. Do not hesitate to call "911" for medical help if anyone needs medical attention.

2. Safely get out of the way of traffic. If your car does not work, turn on your warning lights or open your hood to warn other drivers in the area. Your safety is most important.

3. Call the police if the auto accident involves damage, injury or death.

4. Obtain information from all other drivers and witnesses involved in the car accident, including: Name, Address, telephone numbers, email and insurance information.

5. Obtain police officers information: Name, Badge #, City.

6. Write down the car accident information: Date, time, car description (make, model, year, color, license and state.

7. Take pictures of everything involved in the car accident, as long as it can be done safely.

8. Schedule an appointment with your doctor. Sometimes people have injuries, but do not realize it immediately after an accident. Therefore, it is always wise to see your doctor to make sure that you are ok.

9. Before speaking to the insurance company, consult an experienced auto accident attorney. Many times the insurance companies will try to settle for less than you deserve, especially when injuries are involved.

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