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A traumatic brain injury can impact your memory

If you or a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury, it’s possible that your memory could be negatively impacted. This holds true both with your short and long term memory.

Here are some of the more important things you need to know about memory loss and traumatic brain injury:

— Memory problems are common in people who suffer moderate to severe traumatic brain injury.

— Traumatic brain injury can damage many parts of the brain, including those that are responsible for remembering and learning.

— Generally speaking, traumatic brain injury impacts short term memory more than long term memory.

— Many people with a traumatic brain injury find it difficult to remember to do things in the future, such as answering an email or going to a doctor’s appointment.

— It’s possible that a person with traumatic brain injury may not be able to remember the accident that led to the injury.

— In many cases, people with this injury can learn to deal with memory problems.

Although treatment for traumatic brain injury has come a long way, there is no way of knowing exactly how a person will respond.

Due to the long term impact of traumatic brain injury, anyone in this position needs to receive the best possible medical treatment. This goes a long way in helping the individual reclaim as much of his or her old life as possible.

Furthermore, due to the potential for a long lasting impact, it’s important for people injured in an accident to understand the financial implications, including how to receive compensation from the negligent party.

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