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Be safe when traveling during the holiday season

Like millions of other people, you may find yourself on the road during the holiday season. While there is nothing more exciting than visiting family and friends during this time of the year, don’t overlook the fact that it can be extremely dangerous.

The nation’s highways are known for being busy during the holidays, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Most recently, a study conducted by found that drivers from Louisiana and Texas are among the worst in the country. This doesn’t mean that someone from one of these states will absolutely cause an accident, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping your eyes open to improve your overall level of safety.

Louisiana drivers, for example, rank the worst for obeying traffic signals. Drivers form this state are also fifth worst when ranked for careless driving and fatalities per miles driven.

As spokesperson for added the following:

“Texas and Louisiana have been notorious for bad driving for four or five years of this study. It shows you the human-error factor is really there.”

Remember this: Even if you aren’t driving in a notoriously dangerous state, there are people on the road from all parts of the country.

As a driver, there are steps you can take this holiday season to remain safe when traveling. If you do find yourself in an accident, remove your car from traffic and contact an ambulance. Along with this, if possible, exchange insurance information with the other driver.

The holidays have a way of bringing out the worst in drivers. Make sure you are prepared for anything that could happen this year.

Source:, “Hitting the road for the holidays? These states have the worst drivers,” Bart Jansen, Nov. 23, 2016

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