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The long term impact of moderate or severe brain injury

If a person suffers a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury, there’s a good chance that his or her life will change forever.

Not only does this have an impact in the here and now, but the injury can linger for years to come.

However, here’s one thing you need to remember: There is no typical response to a traumatic brain injury. Even if two people appear to have had the exact same injury, the long term impact will not be exactly the same.

Some of the factors that impact a person include:

— Severity of the initial injury

— The rate at which physiological healing takes place

— The functions that are initially affected

— The resources available to help the person recover

Although it’s easy to believe that a traumatic brain injury will impact every function of an individual, this is not always the case. For instance, someone’s long term memory may remain intact, despite the fact that they now suffer from serious mood swings.

Due to the fact that a traumatic brain injury can cause serious long term problems, it’s important for anyone in this position to receive ongoing medical treatment.

At our law firm, we know that an accident can cause long lasting damage. For this reason, we urge accident victims to learn more about their legal rights while focusing one eye on the future.

By receiving compensation for a traumatic brain injury, the victim will have the resources he or she needs to receive the best medical attention and care available in the years to come.

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