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Mild traumatic brain injuries are quite serious

A blow to the head can lead to a number of very serious medical and personal problems – even if the injury is not visible, or you don’t remember the injury occurring. For many people here in Louisiana, it seems perfectly reasonable to go to keep on trucking if you don’t see any obvious injury.

However, if you suffer a blow to the head and do not receive correct medical care afterwards, you might have a mild traumatic brain injury and not know it!

The term “mild traumatic brain injury” (mild TBI) leads some folks to think that it’s not a serious injury because “mild” is right there in its name. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. A mild TBI is mild compared to a severe TBI, and those often cause coma, paralysis or death. A mild TBI is not quite that serious, but then few injuries are.

Maybe you received a blow the head in a car accident, or playing football. Maybe, like this writer’s grandfather, you tried to raise a riding lawn mower over your head to tighten the blades and it fell on you! A mild TBI can occur a number of ways, and the symptoms are no joke.

An untreated mild TBI can completely ruin your life

In some cases, the symptoms of a mild TBI are relatively obvious. You might experience ongoing headaches, or suffer from seizures, for instance. These kinds of symptoms are unpleasant, but they are often a blessing in disguise because they indicate very clearly that your injury was a serious one.

On the other hand, some symptoms of a mild TBI are not so easy to detect, but still quite devastating. You may find that your thoughts are always muddy, or that you become easily distracted or frustrated when working on simple tasks.

This aggravation often goes beyond simple annoyance, and makes it difficult to do simple tasks that you’ve done for years. You may also find that your personality changes in ways that you cannot explain, often because you are far more irritable than you were before the injury.

Furthermore, you may find you have great difficulty understanding what people mean when they speak. It may feel as though you hear the words they are saying, but you constantly misinterpret what they say, leading to constant confusion.

You may also find that your senses do not operate as clearly as they used to – your smell and taste especially.

On top of al this, these symptoms often last for up to year! It is not difficult to imagine how a year suffering some or all of these could destroy your whole career and personal life.

Don’t wait to get strong help

It may seem like a mild TBI is nothing but bad news, but there is some good news, too. For starters, while a mild TBI should receive serious attention, it is true that your injury could be much worse, and it is always wise to take a moment and experience gratitude for these small blessings.

Also, it is good news that you do not have to walk through your recovery all alone. If you suffered a mild TBI in an accident, the guidance of an experienced attorney can help you explore your options for pursuing justice and seeking fair compensation. With proper legal counsel, you can chart a path to recovery and keep your rights secure.

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