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Soft tissue injuries can be serious and expensive

People who walk away from motor vehicle collisions without broken bones or head injuries may consider themselves lucky. Car accidents happen every day, and sometimes they are fatal. Those with minor injuries may not seek out any medical attention after the accident.

However, the next morning or a few days later, they start experiencing pain and swelling. In some cases, people with serious soft tissue injuries after a car crash may not be able to move their neck or back. These individuals will require medical treatment for their injury. They may be unable to work while they recover, and medical expenses can rapidly mount after an accident.

It’s not a good situation for anyone to be in. What’s worse is that historically, insurance companies try to avoid or limit their liability for these kinds of injuries. Your insurance claim could get denied because you didn’t seek medical attention until several days after the accident. You could get offered a settlement that doesn’t cover the expenses of treating your injury. A strain or sprain to soft tissue in your abdomen, neck or back could prove to be temporarily debilitating.

Soft tissue damage doesn’t always just go away

There’s a common cultural belief that soft tissue damage will always heal itself if you rest the tissue for long enough. In cases were connective tissue or muscle gets torn or damaged, surgery may be required for a complete recovery. You may also need physical therapy to regain strength and range of motion in the affected area. The costs associated with both surgery and physical therapy can accumulate quickly. Depending on the location of the injury, its severity and your line of work, a soft tissue injury could also keep you from being able to perform your job.

If you or the other driver in the accident only carried the minimum state required insurance in Louisiana, you may only receive $15,000 in medical coverage. It’s easy to see how that may not be enough to cover lost wages, surgery and therapy. You may need help getting the compensation you need after a serious soft tissue injury from a car accident.

An attorney can help after a soft tissue injury

You shouldn’t have to struggle on your own, trying to recover from your injuries and negotiate with your insurance company at the same time. Retaining the services of an experienced personal injury attorney can help. You can focus on your recovery, while your lawyer can focus on working with insurance companies. If necessary, your lawyer can help you prepare for and file a civil lawsuit to ensure you receive adequate compensation after a soft tissue injury.

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