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Doctor misconduct: are you fully informed?

Especially with today’s advanced medications and medical technologies in Louisiana, doctors are generally seen as professionals that individuals can trust. However, when patients follow doctors’ orders and nevertheless still experience illness or even worsened conditions, a new, complex set of issues arises. 

The Louisiana Record, a source that covers the state’s legal system in a way that enables readers to gain knowledge regarding health care, discusses a case in which a patient sued a Louisiana hospital for a scheduling error. The plaintiff in the case asserted that doctors could have prevented a certain type of cancer, had the plaintiff’s surgery date not been prolonged. Had the New Orleans hospital not rescheduled the patient’s visit, they may have addressed the patient’s situation and helped prevent her slow and painful death due to the tumor. In cases such as this, plaintiffs often seek a certain amount in damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and often the consortium applying to the patient’s family members.

Consumer Reports reveals a grim reality in the world of U.S. health systems: the issue of doctor misconduct and probation. According to the CR article, countless doctors are currently on medical probation for reasons including drug abuse, sexual abuse and making careless — and even dangerous — mistakes. While the probation of a doctor’s practice can appear to be a fair resolution, many of these doctors are, to the public’s dismay, still practicing. With good reason, many U.S. citizens are deeply concerned for the state of the country’s health system, as cases of medical malpractice are overlooked and severely under-reported. Many officials and citizens alike seek a more informative platform on which patients may research chosen doctors to ensure accuracy and overall quality of medical performance.    

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