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3 injuries that should not be ignored after a car accident

After an accident, many drivers in Louisiana want to pick up and move on with life, but injuries resulting from a car crash need to be addressed. In particular, some injuries are warning signs of more serious conditions that should not be ignored.

According to KTAR News, getting headaches after a car crash may seem innocuous, but these can be a symptom of much more concerning health issues. Concussions, neck injuries like whiplash and even blood clots in the brain could be masquerading as simple headaches, so those who begin to have them after a car crash should seek medical attention to confirm there is not a serious underlying issue. Whiplash, for example, is not always easily diagnosed, and sometimes a CT scan or an MRI is needed to be able to see the full effects a crash had on a person’s physique.

Internal bleeding is another issue of grave concern following a car accident. While not readily apparent after an accident, internal bleeding can result in death. Symptoms including dizziness and deep bruises or swelling of the abdominal area are a major cause for concern, and emergency medical treatment should be sought out by anyone who has these issues in the time following a crash.

Post traumatic stress disorder is also a common ailment resulting from a car accident. As the Journal Sentinel explains, PTSD responds very well to treatment, and it is much more common after a car accident than many realize. Those experiencing sleeplessness, flashbacks, stress, dread, and avoidance of their old routine, as well as a new negative outlook on life, may be suffering the effects of PTSD.


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