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Did your car accident cause a herniated disk?

While it does not happen often, a herniated disk can result from physical trauma, such as a car wreck. In most cases the slipped disk is the result of gradual wear and tear, using improper lifting techniques, or possibly even a minor strain. However, if the disk is already degenerated, it does not take much force to cause serious damage.

If you suspect that you suffered a slipped disk due to a car accident with negligent driver, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. To find out more about the symptoms of a herniated disk, read further.

Common symptoms

In most instances, a herniated disk will occur either in the lower back or in the neck. If you have slipped a disk in your lower back, you might be experiencing intense pain in your buttocks, thigh and calf. The pain may even radiate down to your foot. If the problem is in your neck, you are more likely to feel intense pain in your arm and shoulder. Sudden movements, such as a sneeze or cough, might cause an even higher level of pain to shoot through these regions. In addition, you could also experience numbness, tingling or weakness in the area of the herniated disk.

Serious complications

In the area just below the waist, the spinal cord branches out into a group of long nerve roots. This is the cauda equina and it looks similar to a horse’s tail. In rare instances, the entire cauda equina can become compressed due to a slipped disk. If this happens, you may need emergency surgery in order to avoid permanent damage such as paralysis. If the pain, numbness or weakness becomes so bad that you cannot go about your daily routine, then you should seek immediate medical help. In addition, if you become incontinent, have problems urinating or are experiencing a continuous loss of feeling in the areas of your inner thighs or back of the legs, take this as a sign that you may need an emergency procedure.

If, after a car accident, you are experiencing any neck or back pain that travels down your arm or leg, or you experience pain along with any amount of numbness or weakness, you may be suffering from a herniated dick. Seek medical attention as soon as possible in order to avoid any lasting complications. You might also be able to take legal action and recover compensation for your losses associated with the accident.

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