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What should you know about surgical mistakes?

Louisiana residents who go in for surgery are placing their trust and their lives in the hands of the surgeons. Unfortunately, as with anyone else, surgeons can make mistakes. While the most severe are also the least frequent, you should also be aware of them.

The Patient Safety Network discusses three different types of surgical mistakes, or rather, three different umbrellas that surgical mistakes can fall under. This includes wrong-procedure surgery, wrong-patient surgery, and wrong-site surgery. These mistakes are categorized as “never events”, which means they should under no circumstance occur.

Wrong-site surgery happens when the wrong area of the body is operated on. For example, it’s a wrong-site surgery if you have a problem with your left knee but the right knee receives the treatment instead. This can be catastrophic if it involves the partial removal of an organ, or an operation that can only be done once. Wrong-procedure surgery occurs when you go in for one procedure and another, unnecessary one is performed. 

Wrong-patient surgery is one of the most dramatic examples. This happens when there is a patient mix-up, and one person receives the treatment that another was supposed to get. An example quoted from the Patient Safety Network involves a person who underwent a cardiac procedure due to having a similar last name to the patient the procedure was meant for.

In almost all of these cases, the mistakes occur because of mix-ups that could have been prevented if more focus and attention had been paid to the situation. It’s a classic example of medical negligence, and all sufferers from these issues should have the chance to fight for compensation.

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