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December 2017 Archives

Underride guards: the push to make truck accidents less deadly

When a Louisiana passenger vehicle crashes into the back or side of a huge semitrailer truck, the results almost always are deadly. As Forbes reported earlier this year, when a car hits the high-riding trailer of a large truck, the car keeps going, sliding underneath the trailer and shearing off its roof in the process. Everyone in the car, especially the driver and front seat passenger, are at high risk for death by decapitation.

A wakeup call about drowsy driving

You might think driving drowsy is an inconvenient fact of life. You have a busy schedule and you do not always get as much sleep as you should, so you grab a cup of coffee before your morning commute and turn up the music to help you stay awake. Unfortunately, common methods of avoiding drowsiness behind the wheel do not always work, especially if you drive longer distances. At the law office of McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, we feel it is important to let you and other Louisiana residents know about the prevalent danger of drowsy driving.

Wrongful death lawsuits may offer justice after a fatal collision

Losing a loved one in a motor can be traumatic. These deaths are unexpected, meaning you don't have a chance to make peace with your loved one or prepare for his or her passing. Instead, you're suddenly confronted with a new world, one in which someone who was invaluable to you is not longer with you.

What is a Medical Review Panel?

If you are a Louisiana resident who is thinking about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against your doctor and/or health care facility, you need to be aware of the fact that your claim must be reviewed by a Medical Review Panel before you can file suit. The Louisiana Division of Administration explains that under state law, you must submit a written malpractice claim and request for the formation of an MRP to the Commissioner of Administration in Baton Rouge.

The link between communication and medical errors

Louisiana residents have good reason to be concerned about the quality of their health care as it only takes one misstep by a doctor, nurse or other medical professional to cause serious harm or even death to a patient. In looking at the various factors that may contribute to some medical errors, communication has been identified as one area where improvement can be made.

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