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Take action when a crash results in permanent disability

It’s common knowledge that motor vehicles are a regular cause of death. Many people fear learning of the loss of a loved one unexpectedly in a crash. Those who do lose a loved one often have to pursue wrongful death claims to recoup the financial losses associated with a sudden death. Fewer people consider the potential expenses and heartbreak associated with a permanently disabling injury.

While many people truly feel grateful that a loved one didn’t die in a crash, that doesn’t mean that they won’t struggle and suffer as a family afterward. Sadly, serious injuries from crashes can have a devastating impact on the family unit, decreasing income and increasing stress. You may think that this situation could never happen to your family, but disabling injuries from crashes may be more common than you may think.

Crashes cause accidents frequently in Louisiana

So far in 2018, there have been 48 crashes in Louisiana reported that resulted in injuries. Those crashes resulted in 129 people suffering injuries.

Crash injuries come in many varieties. Sometimes, accidents lead to broken bones, scrapes and contusions and other temporary injuries. However, collisions also sometimes cause permanent injuries, such as spinal cord injuries or brain injuries.

Injuries associated with car crashes can lead to weeks or months off of work. In some cases with severe injuries, the person hurt in the crash may never be able to return to his or her original career. That can strain a family’s resources or even put them in a financially precarious position.

How injuries from crashes impact a family

The first and most obvious issue that arises from a crash-related injury is the medical cost associated with treating the injury and rehabilitating the person involved. Emergency transportation to a hospital, trauma care, surgery, hospital stays, physical therapy and medications can all be quite expensive. The worse the injury, the more likely the medical costs from the crash could exceed the amount of insurance carried by the person who caused it. That could leave your family with a lot of bills.

There’s also the loss of wages to consider, as severe injury means a wage earner from the home can’t bring home a paycheck. Some people may have the ability to perform another job, work part-time or even have their employer accommodate their injuries. Most everyone else, however, will simply lack that source of income.

In cases where injuries are permanent, families often also incur expenses related to making their homes and vehicles accessible. Wheelchair-friendly vehicle adaptations cost thousands of dollars. Adding a ramp to your front door, installing a chair lift or remodeling your home for accessibility can also cost a lot.

If your family includes someone injured in a crash caused by another driver, however, you may have the option of seeking compensation from that driver to offset the losses caused by the injuries.

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