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What role does speeding play in car accidents?

Louisiana residents all understand that speeding is illegal. However, it’s almost considered normal to see other drivers speeding on the road every single day. Unfortunately, every person speeding is making the road more hazardous for the rest of you.

The United states Department of Transportation reminds drivers everywhere that speeding is a potentially fatal risky driving behavior. The rate of lethal accidents that involve speeding is actually quite high, with over 10,000 people dying in speed-related incidents in 2016 alone. Speeding was the root cause of over one quarter of all fatal driving accidents in that same year, and historically-speaking, the trend has been this way for a long time.

For example, over the last twenty years, it has been shown that over one third of all accidents involved speeding in some way. Speeding is also one of the top three causes for accidents, competing with distracted driving and driving while under the influence.

Speeding is also usually coupled with other activities that are considered risky or reckless driving behaviors. For example, many cases of speeding also involve driving while under the influence. However, just speeding by itself can still be hugely dangerous. Because of the lowered reaction time, it’s possible for drivers to see that you’ve stopped ahead of them but be unable to brake in time, themselves.

If you have suffered from injury during an accident involving excessive speeds, you will likely have to deal with a long process of recovery. For financial support during this time, you may be able to seek compensation.

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