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Lawsuit against drug company to continue

Louisiana residents who have to use prescription medications have reason to be concerned about the safety of these drugs. Certainly a defective drug, an incorrect dose or a negative drug interaction can cause serious injury or even death. However, these are not the only things about which people must be concerned these days it seems.

The cost of prescription drugs can not only make it difficult for people to afford proper health care coverage and treatment but can apparently be the subject of potentially unlawful actions. Two years ago, people in multiple states including Louisiana initiated a class action lawsuit against one health insurance provider and another company hired by that insurer to negotiate medicine pricing. The insurer, Cigna, has reportedly attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed.

A recent ruling in the case paves the way for it to continue. Reports indicate that a scheme may have been in place in which patients were overcharged at pharmacies for their portion of the cost of medications. The additional amounts collected were paid to the insurer in what are referred to as clawbacks. It is even indicated that pharmacies were banned from telling patients the actual cost of the medications they were purchasing.

When a patient and a consumer in Louisiana believes their rights have not been protected or that some fraud may have taken place, they may want to discuss their situation and options with an attorney.

Source: Think Advisor, “Judge Lets Class Action Against Cigna Move Forward,” Robert Storace, March 18, 2018

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