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What is the worst place to sit in a car during a crash?

Getting into any sort of car accident is dangerous. However, you may have heard that certain seats are “safer” to be in if you’re in crash, and that some crash types are much more dangerous than others. But do these claims actually hold weight?

According to CBS News, less progress has been made over the years in addressing the safety of a car’s back seat. What does this mean? Simply put, riding in the driver’s seat or front passenger seat may actually be safer than riding in the back seats.

In the front of the car, there are plenty of safety measures in place, all working to keep a driver from being seriously harmed or killed in the event of a crash. This includes “crumple zones”, seat belts, improved airbag technology, and more. The back seat tends to lack some of the more advanced or modern protection. Generally speaking, back seat passengers will only have their seat belts to act as protection.

Depending on where a car is hit, this may or may not be a big detriment. For example, a head-on collision will always affect the front seats more than the back seats because that’s the area that will be impacted first. Side impacts, on the other hand, could easily target back seat passengers. Rear-end collisions will also affect those in the back seat more. Some argue that the impact is less damaging than front end collisions due to a reduced speed variable and the fact that the trunk absorbs some of the impact, but injuries can still be dangerous.

If you have been injured in any sort of collision and were sitting in the back seat, you may want to contact an attorney. You could be able to gain some financial compensation for your injuries.

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