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Baby and child killed by negligent driver

Louisiana residents may understandably be upset and even angry when they hear about reckless drivers that cause accidents on area roads and highways. The choices made by people can have lifelong ramifications for those that are injured or who lose loved ones as a result of the crashes that ensue. When the people who are killed or maimed by negligent drivers are children and infants, the level of anger and upset can be even greater.

Many in Ascension Parish understand this all too well today in light of a crash that happened recently along a stretch of Interstate 10 on the west side of US 61. A man who is 47 years old has actually been arrested and charged with multiple offenses for his role in a wreck that killed a boy who was only eight years old and a baby girl who was a mere one-month old. Another child who was 12 years old was thrown from the sport utility vehicle struck by the negligent driver.

It is not known if any civil action has been or will be initiated in the case. Also unknown is if the at-fault driver might have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. Lab results that may indicate any impairment are pending.

When horrific accidents happen and innocent children and babies are killed for no reason other than one person chose to disregard the safety of others, people in Louisiana might want to talk with an attorney to learn their options.

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