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Battle continues over video camera use

In today’s society, it is not an uncommon experience to have to figure out how to provide care for an aging parent or other elderly relative. Many Louisiana families struggle with not only how to ensure their loved ones are properly cared for but are also safe. Too many instances of elder abuse or neglect have happened in the very facilities tasked with caring for and protecting older people.

In the state of Louisiana a disagreement continues about one proposed way to improve safety for patients and residents in nursing homes. Some groups and individuals have demonstrated support for a bill that, if passed, would allow these residents, their family members or their legal guardians to voluntarily install video monitoring systems in their private rooms. Especially for people who live out of the area and are unable to visit their relatives daily or even weekly, this could be a good way of being involved in their care more regularly and ensuring their safety.

However, many people are quite opposed to this effort, suggesting that the installation and use of video cameras could expose nursing home records inappropriately. These folks have also voiced concerns over the potential hackability of video systems as well as patient privacy. For people who live in multi-person rooms, any other residents in the room would also have to approve the use in an effort to address personal privacy concerns.

People who are worried about the safety of their loved ones in nursing homes in Louisiana might want to discuss their situation with an attorney.

Source:, “Louisiana’s nursing home lobby fights bill to allow cameras monitor residents,” April 25, 2018

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