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Falls, medications and infections in medical errors

Louisiana residents who have heard reports about serious medical errors might wonder what types of things occur so that they know what to watch for when they themselves are patients or when their family members need medical care. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has indicated that at least 720,000 people every year develop infections when staying in hospitals. That is on top of the estimated 440,000 fatalities every year that are said to be linked to medical mistakes.

Among some of the most common factors identified in cases of medical malpractice or mistakes, medication errors are one. A study conducted by Harvard University in 2015 found that approximately 1,000 drug errors happened every day. To make matters worse, these mistakes were said to be preventable. Becker’s Healthcare cites adverse drug events as the single most prominent medical error factor.

Bedsores might seem to be just a nuisance but they can lead to very serious problems and are another issue identified by as one of the top medical errors. Falls are another problem that plague hospitals and other facilities. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as many as one in three of the estimated one million hospital falls in the U.S. annually are preventable.

Infections that develop in surgical suture and other sites, in urinary tracts via catheters and via central lines have also been noted as often involved in serious medical mistakes. Improper or incomplete instructions or communication during a hospital discharge may also contribute to problems for patients.


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