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June 2018 Archives

State police target distracted driving

Residents in Louisiana who make an effort to driver safely should feel good about their responsible behavior and their positive contributions to keeping themselves, their loved ones and others safe. Unfortunately not everyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle thinks about their safety or the safety of others. These negligent drivers can cause tremendous pain and challenges that really need not happen.

Is hands-free driving safe?

If you are like most people in Louisiana, one of the first things that comes to your mind when you think about distracted driving is someone holding their cell phone up to their ear while talking and driving or maybe someone sending and receiving text messages while they are driving. Certainly these actions can be highly dangerous and are forms of distracted driving but they are far from the only dangers that exist within the realm of distracted driving.

DWIs and driving privileges in Louisiana

Across the country many people might think about Louisiana as a state known for its hospitality and love of a good party. While there are certainly many responsible citizens in the state of Louisiana, there are also far too many who still refuse to give up their keys if they are going to be drinking alcohol at an event or gathering. As a result, people keep dying at the hands of drunk drivers.

How dangerous are Louisiana roads and highways?

Whether on your regular daily commute to and from work or while just out running errands in Louisiana, you likely have seen an accident happen or driven by the scene of a prior accident. You may even have been involved in a crash yourself. While some accidents might be minor, far too many result in the loss of life and adding insult to injury is the reality that most crashes should never happen because they result from poor judgement or negligent actions on the part of human drivers.

What are signs you're reacting badly to a drug?

Louisiana residents take medicine every day for a number of reasons, whether it's for short-term or long-term illnesses, for allergies, headaches, or other health-related issues. However, medications for both preventative and prescriptive reasons can have equally negative effects if they're not produced or sold correctly.

Design elements of larger trucks can make them more dangerous

Sharing the road with massive commercial trucks is just a fact of modern life. The vast majority of consumer products, as well as raw materials and other supplies, get shipped around the United States by big rigs. Trucking is a major industry, offering a living wage to those who can drive safely for long hours every day.

Self Drive Act targets federal oversight of self-driving cars

While self-driving cars may not seem like a viable reality in Louisiana just because they may be more commonly tested on roads in other states does not mean that they will not one day be sharing roads in the south with traditional cars. When that day comes, area residents have a right to feel safe about this change. Today, these autonomous vehicles are more often making news headlines after a serious and even fatal accident than they are for any positive reason.

Packaging error prompts drug recall

When people in Louisiana think about a problem with a prescription medication, they might be most likely to think about adverse side effects or negative interactions with other medications. Other problems that come to mind might include being prescribed an incorrect dose or being given the wrong medication from a pharmacist or other health care professional.

Substance testing and truckers

Louisiana residents who are concerned about truckers that might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating their big rigs should know that the federal government has been working to address this issue but a glitch in the effort was recently discovered. In the past few years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration passed what it called the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse rule.

The nationwide problem of surgical errors

There is often nothing scarier than going into a major surgery. Even when the procedure is small, knowing that one is placing complete trust in the hands of medical professionals can be a stressful aspect all on its own. Many Louisiana patients may wonder: how common are surgical mistakes, and is there any way to reduce the chances of an error? 

When a pharmacy makes a mistake

While making mistakes is simply part of being human, there are some that are more mountainous than others. When an error happens in the medical industry, it can result in catastrophic health concerns. Louisiana patients place trust in the knowledge and experience of healthcare providers, no matter their specific field or level of experience. How often do pharmaceutical mistakes take place, and what happens when a professional's knowledge or experience turns out to be substandard? 

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