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DWIs and driving privileges in Louisiana

Across the country many people might think about Louisiana as a state known for its hospitality and love of a good party. While there are certainly many responsible citizens in the state of Louisiana, there are also far too many who still refuse to give up their keys if they are going to be drinking alcohol at an event or gathering. As a result, people keep dying at the hands of drunk drivers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that out of 757 vehicular deaths statewide in 2016, 225 of those involved alcohol. In East Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge Counties combined, 16 out of 57 traffic fatalities occurred in drunk driving accidents.

Residents in the state have good reason to wonder if the state’s laws on drunk driving are indeed tough enough as this pattern of death keeps continuing. As explained by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety Office of Motor Vehicles, one of the penalties that drivers may face if they are convicted of a drunk driving office is the loss of their driving privileges.

A person convicted of driving while intoxicated or other related alcohol and driving offenses may have their license suspended. The length of time that a license suspension may last might vary from one year to four years. The person’s blood or breath alcohol content as well as the presence of any previous offenses can contribute to the length of a suspension. However, these drivers might be able to regain the right to drive by installing an ignition interlock device.




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