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Packaging error prompts drug recall

When people in Louisiana think about a problem with a prescription medication, they might be most likely to think about adverse side effects or negative interactions with other medications. Other problems that come to mind might include being prescribed an incorrect dose or being given the wrong medication from a pharmacist or other health care professional.

Certainly these are all legitimate sources of concerns for consumers but they are far from the only issues that may arise with a prescription medication. In the course of manufacturing a drug and preparing it for market, many other things may go awry that put patients at risk in a variety of ways. How a particular drug is packaged can be one of those as it may directly relate to the instructions on how to take or use the medication.

An example can be seen in a case reported on by Live Science involving some birth control pills manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Allergan. Each pack of pills contains 28 pills, four of which are inactive. In almost 170,000 packs, these four inactive pills were incorrectly put at the start of the 28-day series instead of at the end. The result of this mistake actually increases the chance of the opposite desired result from happening.

By putting the wrong pills in the wrong order in a pack, a woman may have an increased risk of becoming pregnant versus having a pregnancy prevented which is the purpose of this medication. As such, these packs have been recalled. It is unclear how many women may have been given the pills or may have used them.




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