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Self Drive Act targets federal oversight of self-driving cars

While self-driving cars may not seem like a viable reality in Louisiana just because they may be more commonly tested on roads in other states does not mean that they will not one day be sharing roads in the south with traditional cars. When that day comes, area residents have a right to feel safe about this change. Today, these autonomous vehicles are more often making news headlines after a serious and even fatal accident than they are for any positive reason.

The problems that have been involved in the self-driving car accidents are certainly reasons for concern. So too is the lack of federal oversight into the development of these cars according to some. CNBC reports that the United States is behind its Asian and European counterparts when it comes to laying out guidelines for the development and regulation of autonomous vehicle safety.

One step forward in changing this was made with the passing of the Self Drive Act that initiated in the House of Representatives. This act does several things including giving the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the ability to recall an autonomous vehicle just like the agency can do with a traditional vehicle. It also mandates that autonomous vehicle manufacturers file designated safety assessment certifications. Establishment of an advisory council is designed to review the impact these vehicles have on the environment and the economy as well as how effectively self-driving cars might help those people with limited mobility who need alternative transportation options.

As self-driving cars continue to evolve, safety should remain a priority just as with all vehicles. Anyone in Louisiana who is involved in any vehicle accident might want to talk with a lawyer about how to seek compensation.



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