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State police target distracted driving

Residents in Louisiana who make an effort to driver safely should feel good about their responsible behavior and their positive contributions to keeping themselves, their loved ones and others safe. Unfortunately not everyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle thinks about their safety or the safety of others. These negligent drivers can cause tremendous pain and challenges that really need not happen.

Drunk driving and speeding are certainly two big risks people face but in the past several year, distracted driving has become one of the most prominent dangers as people refuse to put away their phones while they are driving. KATC reports that the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is placing extra emphasis on the dangers of distracted driving this year.

A video created by the DOTD was posted on social media to help raise public awareness and, ideally, curb this behavior. According to the Louisiana State Police, 77 percent of the crashes that happen along the Interstate 10 corridor between Baton Rouge and Lafayette involve some form of distraction. With approximately 800 accidents on this part of the highway annually, that adds up to a lot of wrecks that need not happen if people paid more attention when driving.

People in Louisiana who are involved in car accidents that may have been caused by a distracted driver’s lack of focus on the task of driving might find it useful to talk with an attorney about how to seek compensation for their injuries and damage to their property.

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