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When a pharmacy makes a mistake

While making mistakes is simply part of being human, there are some that are more mountainous than others. When an error happens in the medical industry, it can result in catastrophic health concerns. Louisiana patients place trust in the knowledge and experience of healthcare providers, no matter their specific field or level of experience. How often do pharmaceutical mistakes take place, and what happens when a professional's knowledge or experience turns out to be substandard? 

Pharmacy Times understands the severity of prescription mistakes, taking a look at the main reasons why pharmacists make errors on the job. As with many industries, the heavier the workload, the more likely an employee may overlook important details. Yet the very nature of this industry makes these mistakes a major concern. PT refers to one Texas study which showed an error rate of 2.58 errors per 100 shifts (when the number of orders per shift was between 100 and 200). While these statistics might seem minor at first glance, their effects can be serious. Evening shifts showed the highest rate of errors, which could point toward a growing problem of burnout and exhaustion within the medical industry.

It can be frightening to discover that a pharmacy employee has misgauged a prescription., a branch of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, takes a look at the general process that follows a pharmaceutical mistake, raising the issue that many professionals respond to mistakes poorly -- or, worse, apathetically. The underlying issue, in the opinion of this medical resource, involves inadequate staff training. All pharmacy employees should go through rigorous training that includes guidelines on how to respond to errors. Offering a discount coupon simply does not constitute an apology. While a mistake can seem unforgiveable, patients deserve a proper response from medical staff, as well as the security and peace of mind that safety is the top priority.     




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