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July 2018 Archives

Can surgery improve your back pain?

As a resident in Louisiana who is going in for back surgery soon, you likely understand that the operation will come with risks. Regardless of what type of surgery you go in for, there's the chance that something might go wrong, or that the procedure might not be successful. But can an operation actually make your condition worse?

Man sitting on bench killed by drunk driver

The Fourth of July is a holiday that unfortunately many in Louisiana now associate with an increase in drunk driving risks and accidents. It seems, however, the risk may actually not be just on the evening of Independence Day day after festivities are concluded but even before as at least one man in Baton Rouge chose to hop in and drive his vehicle while intoxicated on the third of July.

What is a drug interaction?

There is no shortage of reasons that might lead a person in Louisiana to need a medication. Whether an over-the-counter or prescription drug, these substances can be very beneficial to patients but they also have the ability to end up causing potentially more harm than they do good. One of the ways this might happen is via what is referred to as a drug interaction.

Drug recalled but no replacement offered yet

People in Louisiana who rely on prescription medications to help them manage serious or potentially life-threatening medical conditions should be able to trust that the drugs they are given will actually help them not hurt them. Many things go into creating this level of trust including the reviews that should happen during a drug's trial before it is ever released to the market. Unfortunately, some medications are allowed to be legally sold and prescribed but then are later found to be potentially dangerous. In these situations, a recall may be issued.

Family seeks justice for daughter's death

Residents in Louisiana who are themselves hit by drunk drivers or who may have had family members injured or killed by these negligent drivers know a type of pain that nobody should ever be forced to experience. The fact that so many drivers continue to choose to get drunk and then drive even after decades of strong public awareness campaigns and education about drunk driving is something hard to wrap one's head around.

Hit on Essen Lane or Interstate 10? You might have injuries

Drivers in Baton Rouge are often subjected to congested traffic. Essen Lane, the interstates, and just about everywhere around LSU can all be difficult to navigate, especially around rush hour and when there are events on campus. When you are driving around town, you are at risk of being hit by another driver. Many people don't realize that serious injuries can occur, even in slower speed crashes.

Your right to file a wrongful death suit after a fatal car crash

We all know that motor vehicles are dangerous, but we all try to pretend that the risk will never affect our lives. People do die every day on the road in Louisiana. Losing a loved one to a sudden motor vehicle collision is a truly tragic and life-altering experience. You may find yourself struggling to believe that the loss is real. Your family may have a very difficult time adjusting.

Can you get compensated for a commercial vehicle crash?

Louisiana drivers like you face many different roadway hazards, including other vehicles. For example, 18-wheelers and other big industry trucks can cause a lot of problems if they hit another, smaller vehicle. McGlynn, Glisson and Mouton, injury attorneys, are here to help you out if you've gotten into a crash with one of these giant vehicles and suffered from injuries because of it.

Do trucker's medical qualifications affect road safety?

Louisiana drivers like you share the road with many different vehicles. Some of the most potentially hazardous are the large commercial trucks. While most companies use stringent procedures to ensure that their drivers are in top form, there are unfortunately some areas where unqualified truck drivers might make the cut.

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