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Do trucker’s medical qualifications affect road safety?

Louisiana drivers like you share the road with many different vehicles. Some of the most potentially hazardous are the large commercial trucks. While most companies use stringent procedures to ensure that their drivers are in top form, there are unfortunately some areas where unqualified truck drivers might make the cut.

Findlaw has a blog post dissecting one potential issue related to unqualified truckers that you may face. For example, there have been reports of fake trucker exams, which have begun to compromise roadway safety. Many people don’t know this, but truckers have to pass a medical examination in order to be deemed safe enough to drive. This is because the grueling physical demands of the trucking industry can exacerbate existing medical conditions, leading to unsafe driving and potentially harming the driver’s health as well.

Unfortunately, fake medical exams can sometimes be used by truckers to make it seem as though they have the proper credentials when in reality, they don’t. Forged exams and even pop-up medical check-up stations can be used to pass people who shouldn’t be behind the wheel. In fact, 902,416 citations have been given out over the last five years for truckers who don’t hold the proper medical documentation necessary to legally drive a commercial vehicle.

If you have been in an accident with a truck driven by an unqualified driver, you may be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering. You may wish to consider seeking out an experienced attorney to see where you can start.

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