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Drug recalled but no replacement offered yet

People in Louisiana who rely on prescription medications to help them manage serious or potentially life-threatening medical conditions should be able to trust that the drugs they are given will actually help them not hurt them. Many things go into creating this level of trust including the reviews that should happen during a drug’s trial before it is ever released to the market. Unfortunately, some medications are allowed to be legally sold and prescribed but then are later found to be potentially dangerous. In these situations, a recall may be issued.

That is precisely what happened with a medication often given to patients who have heart failure or high blood pressure. According to Newsweek, the United States Food and Drug Administration has recalled the medication yet at the same time has offered no replacement to patients and therefore they have indicated people should continue to take the drug until a replacement is found. This may understandably leave people feeling a bit confused and concerned about their safety.

The reason for the recall is that a particular substance known to be a carcinogen was found in the medication. It is not known why the presence of this substance was not identified before the drug was ever allowed to be given to patients.

Before the recall of the drug, called valsartan, in the U.S., 22 other countries across Europe and North America had already recalled the medication for the same reason. Exposure to the carcinogen may be manifested by impaired lung, kidney or liver function as well as jaundice, fever, vomiting and headaches.



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