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Family seeks justice for daughter’s death

Residents in Louisiana who are themselves hit by drunk drivers or who may have had family members injured or killed by these negligent drivers know a type of pain that nobody should ever be forced to experience. The fact that so many drivers continue to choose to get drunk and then drive even after decades of strong public awareness campaigns and education about drunk driving is something hard to wrap one’s head around.

It is important for people to understand that the culpability for drunk driving accidents may at times extend beyond just the driver who was drunk at the time of a crash. This is what one family is alleging in a new lawsuit filed recently in Houston.

As reported by, a man on a motorcycle was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.162 percent after he ran his bike into a cement divider. It is not known what type of injuries he may have experienced but his girlfriend who was riding on the back of the bike was killed in the crash.

The woman’s parents are looking to hold two different bars in Houston responsible for the wreck, alleging that they consciously served the biker alcohol even though it was clear that the man was already intoxicated. No details are given as to what type of compensation may be sought in the suit. The motorcyclist has also reportedly been charged with criminal offenses in the case but it remains unknown if he has or will serve any time in jail.

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