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Man sitting on bench killed by drunk driver

The Fourth of July is a holiday that unfortunately many in Louisiana now associate with an increase in drunk driving risks and accidents. It seems, however, the risk may actually not be just on the evening of Independence Day day after festivities are concluded but even before as at least one man in Baton Rouge chose to hop in and drive his vehicle while intoxicated on the third of July.

According to a report from WAFB 9, a man later found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.188 percent lost control of his vehicle in the middle of the afternoon and, after leaving the road, ran into a man sitting on a bench. The man on the bench was taken to the hospital with head injuries, a broken knee cap and two broken legs. After several days, however, the man died due to the severity of his injuries.

The drunk driver not only hit and killed a man but ran away from the scene of the crash and forced officers to find him at his home. He is now facing multiple criminal charges including driving without a proper license, hit and run, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and vehicular homicide.

The incident occurred along Florida Boulevard near North 26th Street. It is not known if the family of the deceased man has been notified or has or will seek civil compensation. This is the type of situation from which people might benefit from talking with an attorney in Louisiana so they learn their options.

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