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What is a drug interaction?

There is no shortage of reasons that might lead a person in Louisiana to need a medication. Whether an over-the-counter or prescription drug, these substances can be very beneficial to patients but they also have the ability to end up causing potentially more harm than they do good. One of the ways this might happen is via what is referred to as a drug interaction.

As explained by the United States Food and Drug Administration, a drug interaction is basically some type of action in which something interferes with the intended way a drug was originally planned or expected to work for a particular patient. There are different types of interactions based on the nature of the interference. One interference might be a particular medical condition. A drug might be recommended for one condition but actually not wise to take by a person with a different condition as well. Knowing a patient's full history and status is important for doctors before prescribing.

Another interference might be some foods or beverages. Alcohol is a classic example here as it is often not advised for consumption by people on some medications. Another drug may be yet another interference as two drugs might either block the effectiveness of one or the other or cause a reaction that is problematic.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give residents in Louisiana some information about the types of potentially harmful drug interactions that may occur and why it is so important for their doctors to review any prescriptions with them carefully.

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