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Can mammogram results be incorrect?

As a resident in Louisiana, you’re likely encouraged to get yearly physical examinations in order to make sure you’re still maintaining good health. In some cases, these check-ups may include a mammogram, which can test the health of your breast tissue. But is the result reliable?

In what may be a surprising report to some, CBS News has stated that in actuality, there are a number of mammogram reports that are misread. In fact, up to 16 percent of mammogram reports show as a false positive. This can cause you huge amounts of undue stress. Some people may even start taking unnecessary treatment measures before they realize the result was not correct.

In other cases, the misinterpretation of your mammogram results may end up with a doctor missing a cancerous lesion in your breast. You could face health complications because you weren’t able to locate the problem and deal with it as quickly as you would have been able to with an accurate result.

Generally speaking, newer doctors are the ones who misread mammogram results more than ones who have been in the profession for a while. However, mistakes can happen anywhere for any reason. Any doctor could potentially misread your results. Fortunately, the equipment itself is usually quite reliable and the misdiagnoses don’t often originate from that.

If you have suffered health complications due to an incorrect reading of your mammogram report, please consider contacting an attorney. They may be able to help you if you decide you would like to seek financial compensation for the pain and suffering that you went through.

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