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Car insurance claim mistakes you never want to make

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it won’t be long before you begin to think about your insurance company. It’s easy to believe your insurance agent is on your side, especially if this person has treated you well in the past.

Unfortunately, you can’t trust any insurance company in the aftermath of an accident, as they don’t always have your best interests in mind.

There are a variety of car insurance claim mistakes you never want to make:

  • Providing a written or recorded statement. While you may do this at some point, you shouldn’t go down this path until you review your policy and understand your legal rights. Anything you say or write could work against you in the future.
  • Accepting the first estimate of losses. You don’t have to do this, as insurance companies are notorious for low ball offers.
  • Signing something before reviewing. Your insurance company may ask you to sign some type of waiver or release. If you do so, without understanding what you’re signing, it could cause you trouble in the future. You need to carefully review any document before putting your signature on the dotted line.
  • Accepting a check for final payment. There will come a point when you’re likely to do this, but you don’t want to jump the gun. Once you cash a check for final payment, you may not be able to seek additional compensation.
  • Forgetting that your policy is a binding contract. You pay for car insurance, so you should expect your insurer to provide you with the coverage outlined in the policy. Don’t be shy about insisting that your insurance company meets its obligations.

If you’re dealing with injuries after a car accident it can be a challenge to put the necessary energy into the insurance claim process.

Even so, you shouldn’t sit back and hope that your agent does everything they can to help you out.

While it’s important to communicate with your insurance company, don’t make any statements about damages or fault. Your agent isn’t looking out for your best interests, but instead, seeking a way to save money for the company.

A car accident will almost always result in an insurance claim. Learn more about your legal rights before reaching out to start the claims process.

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