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How does a brain injury impact your memory?

Louisiana residents who were involved in a crash that resulted in some form of brain injury may suffer from a number of side effects. One of the more common side effects involve issues with your memory. Both short and long term memory can be affected, and it can have a big impact on your life.

Brainline takes a look at the correlation between traumatic brain injury and problems with the memory. The way that your memory is impacted depends on which area of the brain is injured. It’s also dependent on the severity of the injury. For example, more mild injuries may result in temporary short term memory loss. People with concussions will often have trouble retaining short term information, such as where they are or what is currently happening to them. However, as the concussion heals, their short term memory quickly returns to normal.

Larger head injuries can impact you for a long time to come, though. After a traumatic brain injury, some people are never able to restore their memory’s capacity to what it was before. They may be easily distracted, have trouble recalling things like important dates, or could forget what they’re doing in the middle of a task. It’s possible to go through therapy to help restore the memory, however. These treatments will also differ depending on the injury’s severity and what doctors think you specifically need.

Using reminders, setting routines, and getting help from loved ones while you rebuild your memory skills can be a big help. You can also contact an attorney for help with the legal side of things, such as seeking compensation for the accident that resulted in the brain damage.

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