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State closes freeway after truck accident

People who live in the southern part of Louisiana know just how important of a thoroughfare Interstate 10 is. They also know that this type of freeway is not likely to be closed for anything other than something very, very serious. Apparently something quite severe did take place recently as the Louisiana State Police shut down the entire stretch of I-10 that connects Lafayette to Baton Rouge in both directions.

Very few details about the actual collision have been released but according to The Advocate, a tractor trailer managed to overturn on the freeway. It was on a Friday morning in mid-August that this occurred. Images have been published showing the truck at rest on its top with the top of the vehicle smashed in. It is not known what caused the truck to rollover and if the driver was injured or even survived the crash.

Accidents involving big rigs can and should be extremely concerning to residents in the area. The massive weight and size of these vehicles puts other motorists as a disadvantage if they are involved in a crash with a truck. In addition, many semi trucks are transporting hazardous chemicals that could pose additional risks to people if allowed to leak out during any collision.

People in Louisiana who have been involved in a crash involving a tractor trailer or other large commercial vehicle might find it useful to talk with an attorney to learn how they might appropriately seek help and financial compensation for their injuries or property damage.

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