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3 common anesthesia errors

Anytime you undergo surgical treatment in Louisiana, you assume a certain amount of risk, and your risks may amplify if you are involved in a procedure that requires the use of anesthesia. At McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, we understand that anesthesia-related errors can have catastrophic effects, and we have helped many patients who suffered harm during anesthesia treatment pursue solutions that meet their needs.

According to Elcam Safety, more than 250,000 Americans lose their lives every year as a result of medical errors, many of which involve the use of anesthesia. Additionally, many physicians and anesthesiologists who do make anesthesia-related errors make the same ones, highlighting a need for better training and protocols in hospitals, nursing homes and similar settings where treatment involving anesthesia is common.

So, what types of anesthesia-related errors are common? Mistakes related to dosing is a common one, and many such anesthesia errors occur because a medical professional lacks experience, is unfamiliar with the equipment in use, or exercises haste or carelessness when treating a patient. Many anesthesiologists also struggle to properly regulate the flow of intravenous fluids used when administering anesthesia, which can lead to dangerous side effects. Fluid overload, for example, can lead to headaches, breathing issues and high blood pressure, while a low fluid flow can prevent the medication from working as intended.

Yet another common anesthesia-related error involves doctors improperly managing patient pain. When not administered at an ideal time, drugs can cause vomiting, nausea and related symptoms and side effects. You can find out more about medical errors by exploring our webpage.

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