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Have millennial drivers earned their bad reputation?

Every time you take to the Louisiana roadway, you assume at least some level of risk, but the risks associated with navigating the state’s roadways compound when you have to share the road with inattentive or inexperienced drivers. Millennial motorists, in particular, often get a bad rap for being highway hazards, but just how accurate is this depiction?

According to USA Today, millennial drivers have, in fact, earned their less-than-stellar reputation, with many drivers who fall within the millennial age range admitting to a whole host of dangerous driving behaviors. For example, while there are well-documented risks surrounding texting and sending electronic communications from behind the wheel, nearly 60 percent of millennial drivers admitted to doing so within the past 30 days.

Comparatively, only about 31 percent of motorists across other age groups acknowledged sending texts or emails while at their vehicles’ controls, shining a spotlight on opposing behaviors among different age groups. Many millennial drivers also acknowledged taking some unnecessary risks while behind the wheel, with almost 50 percent of those surveyed noting that they have run red lights within the past 30 days, even when they could have easily stopped at them.

In comparison, only about 36 percent of drivers across other age groups did the same, and drivers who did not fall within the millennial age range also acknowledged exercising more care when navigating through school zones than millennial drivers. While 12 percent of millennial motorists reported that they felt it was acceptable to travel more than 10 mph over the posted limit in a school zone, only 5 percent of the remaining driving population felt the same way.

This information about millennial driving habits is educational in nature and does not constitute legal advice.

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