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How can you reduce the dangers of night driving?

Louisiana residents know that driving at night is dangerous. While it’s good to be aware of that, it’s even better if you know how to combat or counteract these dangers. Below are some tips that you can use to combat the risks associated with night driving, if being on the road during those hours is unavoidable for you.

Popular Mechanics lists ten tips that you can use to make it safer for you to drive in the dark. These tips primarily revolve around improving your ability to see and include the following.

Maintain your headlights. This means keeping them clean, wiping the grime off of them so they don’t get a “halo” effect, and making sure they’re pointed in the right direction. Relatedly, don’t stare at oncoming headlights. This can create blind spots in your vision, and even temporary loss of vision can be deadly if you need to make a split-second decision. Additionally, make sure your fog lights are working well.

Your mirrors, windows and windshield wipers should also be cleaned often. Though they may seem perfectly fine during the day, the night will reveal just how many streaks, smudges and blemishes are on every reflective surface. The glare or distortion from this streaking can be harmful.

Finally, if you wear prescription lenses, go for ones with antireflective coating. This will help cut back on the worst of the glare, which is a common issue among drivers with glasses. On a whole, contacts would be your best option, but they aren’t always feasible.

By applying these tips to your night driving, you improve your chances of avoiding crashes. If you still find yourself involved in one, however, you may want to speak with an attorney.

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