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Preventing construction site accidents

Working on construction sites in Louisiana pose a number of unique dangers. These issues can be amplified even further in the dark. This is why it’s so important for construction sites to have strong safety guidelines that are strictly enforced and followed. Here are a few other ways to help cut down on construction site accidents and mishaps.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a number of solutions to the hazards of construction. This includes different protective measures in numerous categories, such as:

  • Fall protection
  • Scaffolding safety
  • Electrical wiring and other sources of electricity
  • Protective gear
  • General safety procedures

Lowering the potential for accidents to occur is just one of the things construction site workers should know to do. They should also know what to do in the case of an unexpected emergency in order to lower the injury count.

This is especially true at night, when dangers are amplified. Work Zone Safety has a presentation on the safe practices of working at night on a construction site. This includes making every effort to keep all workers constantly visible. Workers blend in with the darkness if they don’t wear the proper reflective gear, which can lead to them being hit. Other concerns revolve around DUI drivers on the road, and driver fatigue among the other workers. Driver fatigue can be combated in a number of ways, such as drinking water throughout the shift and getting plenty of rest beforehand.

Sometimes, accidents can’t be avoided. However, implementing these tactics and keeping an eye out for the aforementioned dangers can go a long way in keeping the workplace safe for everyone.

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