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What makes night driving so dangerous?

Plenty of people in Louisiana, likely including yourself, have had to drive at night before. You may even be lulled into a sense of security due to the fact that fewer cars are on the road, as that may make it seem like night driving is safer. However, that isn’t always the case. There are many situations in which driving at night can be extremely dangerous.

The National Safety Council hosts a page on the dangers of driving at night. Most of these dangers can be broken down into the following categories: fatigue, darkness, difficulty seeing, and impaired drivers.

Fatigue refers to a driver who is extremely tired, whether it’s because of insomnia, long shifts, poor quality of sleep, or more. Midnight to 2am and 4am to 6am host the highest number of crashes due to a driver dozing off at the wheel. Somewhat related to that is impaired driving, in which a driver has imbibed alcohol or other substances that interfere with their ability to focus. Midnight to 3am on the weekends are particularly bad hours for running into impaired drivers.

Darkness and poor visibility go somewhat hand in hand. As you grow older, you will have more trouble seeing in the dark. For example, a 50 year old driver could need almost twice as much light to see than a 30 year old one. As for darkness, it can diminish your color recognition, depth perception, and peripheral vision. This all contributes to the possibility of not seeing an obstacle in time to stop.

If you have to drive at night, be aware of the fact that there are many different things that contribute to how dangerous your drive may be. Stay on your guard and know to anticipate these dangers.

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