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October 2018 Archives

Louisiana tow truck collision leaves 2 dead

Motor vehicle accidents involving both cars and trucks in Louisiana can be devastating. Because a truck is so much larger than most of the passenger automobiles on the road, it can strike with a great deal more force in a collision with a car. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2016, the most recent year for which statistics are available, there were 4,317 fatalities in accidents involving large trucks and 180,000 injuries.

Avoiding postsurgical MRSA infection

People planning to have surgery in Louisiana may have concerns about becoming infected with MRSA after surgery. The concern is valid as MRSA infection is a common postsurgical complication that poses treatment challenges. The good news is that patients and doctors can take steps to prevent MRSA and other postsurgical infections.

When do car accidents involve vicarious liability in Louisiana?

It is often assumed that when two or more vehicles collide, one of the drivers involved will be to blame and held liable. However, there are laws that can complicate these matters slightly. Under general negligence theories, the act of vicarious liability is recognized. This essentially means that a person could be held responsible for a car accident even if they were not at the scene.

18 vehicle occupants, 2 pedestrians killed in limousine crash

It is never easy to lose a loved one, but family members of Louisianans killed in car accidents know that it is one of the most difficult ways to lose someone. Car accidents can happen without warning, no one is immune to their effects and they can kill young and old alike.

Toddler killed, two other children injured by drunk driver

Louisiana residents are known to enjoy their celebrations, but they are also known to treasure their friends and family members. Unfortunately, some people do not stop to consider the potential consequences of their actions and instead make very reckless decisions. Some of these decisions can have tragic, even deadly, results that are completely avoidable.

Electronic health records and patient safety

Most people in Louisiana have likely been to a doctor's office in the past several years where the nurse, physician's assistant or physician may have entered notes into a computer as they were meeting with the patient. The increased use of electronic health records by medical providers has been touted as one way to reduce errors and improve patient safety. This may be possible but that does not mean these systems come without some risks or potential drawbacks.

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