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18 vehicle occupants, 2 pedestrians killed in limousine crash

It is never easy to lose a loved one, but family members of Louisianans killed in car accidents know that it is one of the most difficult ways to lose someone. Car accidents can happen without warning, no one is immune to their effects and they can kill young and old alike.

Families in upstate New York are now experiencing that pain of loss after a limousine accident that killed 20 people, including all the passengers, the driver of the limousine and two pedestrians. The group had hired the limousine to transport them to a birthday celebration. The driver of the limousine plowed through an intersection, failing to stop at a stop sign, and careened into a parking lot where the limousine struck and killed the two pedestrians. Then, after hitting an unoccupied vehicle parked in the parking lot, the limousine came to rest in the woods. There is no evidence to indicate that the limousine driver attempted to brake when approaching the intersection.

The most tragic part of this accident is that it need not have happened at all. According to officials, the owner of the limousine company has received citations for 22 violations in the last 24 months, the limousine involved in the crash had failed an inspection just last month and the driver of the vehicle was not properly licensed. At this time, it is unknown whether the owner of the limousine company will face litigation on account of the accident, but authorities have seized the limousine, along with three other vehicles.

Nothing can bring back a loved one killed in a car accident, but families may find some comfort in holding those responsible to account. Loved ones of those injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident may wish to consult an attorney to inquire about accident liability.

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