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Toddler killed, two other children injured by drunk driver

Louisiana residents are known to enjoy their celebrations, but they are also known to treasure their friends and family members. Unfortunately, some people do not stop to consider the potential consequences of their actions and instead make very reckless decisions. Some of these decisions can have tragic, even deadly, results that are completely avoidable.

One example of this can be seen in the case of a motor vehicle accident that happened recently in Ascension Parish. As reported by KATC 3 ABC, a drunk driver was operating his truck with four other people in the vehicle with him. Three of those passengers were young children. The driver is said to have driven through a stop sign and into the path of an oncoming vehicle with two people inside.

The two vehicles collided, sending all seven of the people involved to the hospital. Six of the people were sent to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, including a four-year-old boy in moderate condition and a six-year-old girl in critical condition. Another girl in critical condition was only two years old and was taken to Prevost Memorial Hospital where she later died.

The at-fault driver was found to have a blood alcohol content level of 0.103 percent. He has since been charged with multiple criminal offenses including drunk driving, vehicular homicide, vehicular negligence and more. None of the children were restrained in approved child seats. The relationship between the drunk driver and his passengers is not known. Also unknown is if any civil action has or will be initiated. 



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