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The scourge of drunk driving

According to MADD, repeat offenders make up about a third of the people whom police arrest or courts convict for DUI. We believe that our courts in Louisiana need to do better in order to keep our roads safe. That is why, at McGlynn Glisson & Mouton, we work tirelessly to help our clients hold other drivers and their insurance companies responsible.

One of the hardest parts about pursuing a case against another driver for an accident would probably be dealing with your opponent’s insurer. These companies often have experienced legal teams and a large pool of resources from which they fund their negotiation, research and litigation. 

Our first job would be to make your opponents understand that they are fighting a losing battle. We would accomplish this by attempting to present all the facts and arguments of the case in a persuasive, compelling manner.

Insurance companies often try a variety of tactics in order to get our clients to accept various offers. We try to avoid conflict on multiple fronts — while we perform our investigations and build our clients’ cases, we also make sure everybody involved is on the same page. This helps form realistic expectations of the process and avoid the temptation to fall for the insurer’s team’s negotiating techniques.

We believe that we do more than simply help our clients get their lives back on track by securing the most favorable possible outcome in every traffic accident case. We also aim to create safer roadways by making responsible parties pay for the injuries they have caused. Please read more on our main website.

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