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What treatments are available for alcohol abuse?

Receiving a drunk driving charge in Louisiana will have very serious consequences. Along with legal concerns, you must also consider whether a problem with alcohol led to your charges, which is a factor for many people caught drunk driving. If you’re concerned that you have an issue with substance abuse, WebMD offers the following information on treatment options.

If you have a severe drinking problem that has persisted for a number of years, you may need to go through detox. This is the process of allowing alcohol to leave your body, which can have very serious effects. For instance, some people withdrawing from a severe alcohol addiction will experience tremors, hallucinations, and even seizures. These effects can be dangerous, which is why a medically-assisted detox is recommended in many cases.

You’ll also need to determine any underlying emotional issues which may contribute to problem drinking. Behavioral therapy is key in this regard, as counseling will help you uncover past traumas while also helping you develop coping strategies for future issues. Behavioral therapy is often used in conjunction with support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which allows you to be surrounded by people faced with the same issues.

Medication may also be necessary to help you manage cravings. For instance, acamprosate works by diminishing cravings, which can make drinking less enticing. Other drugs, such as disulfiram, actually elicit a nauseous feeling when alcohol is consumed, while naltrexone prevents the euphoric feeling that often occurs accompanies being drunk. No matter what medication is used, these drugs work best when used in conjunction with other treatment methods. 

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