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December 2018 Archives

Utah leads nation in reducing BAC for drunk driving

As many residents and visitors in Louisiana prepare to ring in the new year, the topic of drunk driving naturally comes up. Many people will choose to appoint a designated driver for the evening. Others may elect to use ride sharing apps, taxi cabs or public transportation to get to and from their celebrations. Still other people may simply stay home so as to avoid the potential drunk drivers that could be on the road. 

The importance of reviewing medical records

If you are like most people in Louisiana, your doctor's office using electronic methods of making notes about your health. The same is likely true of any hospital or other medical facility that you have visited in recent years. While these tools may be beneficial in many ways, they do not necessarily eliminate all potential problems. For this reason, it remains important that you always know what information is in your medical record.

Medical records can contain errors

Your medical record contains a lot of information about you, from your name and address in Louisiana to your medical history, your family history and your current conditions. At McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, we know that errors in record-keeping can and do occur, and information in your medical record may not always be accurate. It may be a mistake in contact information that makes it difficult for the clinic to get in touch with you, or it may be an error related to medical information that can have a negative effect on your care.

Drugs a factor in arrest of Louisiana semi driver

Semi-trucks can pose enough of a threat on highways when the driver is sober. When drugs become a factor, they can become an even bigger danger. Authorities in Kentucky arrested a 66-year-old semi-truck driver from Louisiana for possession of drugs, as well as driving under the influence, after an accident in which he allegedly lost control of the semi and crossed the median, blocking both lanes of southbound traffic when the vehicle came to rest. 

How can tow truck drivers stay safer on the job?

Driving a tow truck allows you to often come to the rescue of stranded motorists in Louisiana. While that is a great perk of the job, it also puts you at risk. Anytime you stand outside a vehicle on the roadway, you are at risk of a moving vehicle striking you. That makes this a dangerous profession. Even with your lights and the size of your truck, some motorists still will not pay attention and could crash into you as you are loading a vehicle.

Are teen drivers at a higher risk in Louisiana?

There are many reasons why teen drivers have the highest record of accidents on roadways in the country. Part of it is simply inexperience. However, according to the Daily Advertiser, in Louisiana, one of the main reasons for teen driving issues is due to parents not ensuring their children drive safe and follow all the laws.

Over 1,000 orthodontic patients treated with dirty equipment

Patients who receive any sort of medical care in Louisiana, including dental, orthodontic, or ophthalmic, should feel confident that their providers have properly cleaned and sterilized their equipment to prevent the spread of disease-causing agents. However, patients treated at a university orthodontic clinic in Florida recently received the disturbing news that a group of resident orthodontists failed to properly clean and sterilize their equipment following examinations, potentially exposing over 1,000 patients to viruses such as hepatitis and HIV over a period of more than two years.

Potentially cancer-causing ingredient prompts medication recall

Many residents of Louisiana rely on medications to reduce their blood pressure to help prevent heart attacks and other potentially life-threatening conditions. However, drug manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals recently recalled two popular blood pressure reducers because they contain too much of a chemical with the potential to cause cancer

Repeat drunk driver kills two on Thanksgiving Day

Louisiana is known for its lively people and love of celebrating together whether at a backyard crawfish boil or at a formal holiday dinner party with extended family. However, people in Louisiana also know how precious life is and most residents act in ways that protect themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, there are always a few people out there who fail to consider the safety of others when making their choices. In the end, these people force others to endure tragedies and pain that should never be experienced.

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