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The importance of reviewing medical records

If you are like most people in Louisiana, your doctor’s office using electronic methods of making notes about your health. The same is likely true of any hospital or other medical facility that you have visited in recent years. While these tools may be beneficial in many ways, they do not necessarily eliminate all potential problems. For this reason, it remains important that you always know what information is in your medical record.

As reported by Kaiser Health News, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology indicates that as many as 10 percent of patients who requested their electronic medical records discovered inaccurate information in their files. The types of errors that can be made in a medical file vary but all may have the ability to contribute to a medical error.

A transcription error might end up showing that a person has a condition they do not have at all meaning they could be treated for something unnecessarily. At the same time, if they have another condition that is not in the file, they are at risk of not receiving the treatment they need. Inaccurate test results may contribute to an erroneous diagnosis. Missing details like drugs that patients are allergic to may also expose people to harm.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of reviewing your personal medical records and how to get access to this information, please feel free to visit the patient advocacy and safety page of our Louisiana medical malpractice website. 

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