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Trucker had history of violations prior to fatal crash

People in Louisiana should be able to trust that truckers and other commercial drivers are strongly monitored and held to strict safety standards. People who operate these big rigs have a serious responsibility to do so in a manner that keeps other people on the roads free from harm. Unfortunately, these drivers are still able to make negligent choices. Even worse, it seems that there may be times when a truck driver is allowed to keep driving commercially even if they have a history of violations and unsafe driving practices.

An example of this can be seen in a recent crash in Florida that had an exceptionally tragic outcome. As reported by the Miami Herald, a truck driver for some reason came into contact with another vehicle while travelling along a stretch of Interstate 75. After this contact, the tractor-trailer went into the oncoming lane of traffic and struck other vehicles, including another tractor-trailer. 

Diesel spilled onto the freeway and a blaze erupted. Seven people died, including five children under the age of 14. At least another eight people required medical care at a hospital, including a pregnant woman. Both truckers also died in the wreck.

Reports indicate that the driver of the first semi-truck has multiple traffic violations on his record spanning multiple years and five states. The violations include speeding, driving a vehicle that is overloaded or unsafe and driving without any proof of insurance. The citations were issued in Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida between 2000 and 2014, yet he was able to keep driving commercially.


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