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What hurdles do trucking companies pose to compensation?

Louisiana residents like you who get into a crash with an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck have the odds stacked against you. A truck driver will have the backing of their entire company, and they will often pull out all the stops to avoid taking a huge financial hit. McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, injury attorneys, are here to help you stand against them.

Trucking companies can pose a number of hurdles to you in the process of dealing with the aftermath of a crash. The first thing is their sheer manpower. They may have a number of different agencies on their side, both on federal and state levels. These agencies can hold a lot of power, and can have an intimidating presence all on their own.

The investigators employed by trucking companies are also a huge hurdle. They’re quick, and can sometimes be aggressive. In certain cases, they may arrive before tow trucks or medical response vehicles have even left the scene of a crash yet. It’s their job to do everything in their power to protect the trucker and the trucker’s parent company, and they may get abrasive to do so.

Having these agencies push paperwork on you is something you should be prepared for. Never sign or agree to anything without consulting a lawyer. Pressure tactics are often deployed to get you to agree to less-than-ideal situations, and once you sign, there might be no going back.

If you find yourself involved tangled up in a crash with a commercial truck driver and their backing company, consider taking a look at our web page here for more information to prepare yourself for what may come.

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