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What should you know about defective drugs?

Louisiana residents like you take medicines for a number of things. Whether it’s a medication for a life-threatening ailment, painkillers for headaches, or even eye drops to soothe redness and itching, there are many different products you use possibly every day. So what’s so important about drug defects?

Defective drugs can have a huge impact on your life. According to FindLaw, there are dangerous drug defects that can affect you in a number of harmful ways. Just a few common side effects shared among defective drugs include:

  • Increased chance of blood clots or stroke
  • Damage to certain organs like the liver
  • Heart attacks
  • Depressive episodes or other mood disorders
  • Birth defects

Generally speaking, a defective drug will not initially have these issues marked as possible problems. It may be possible the manufacturer themselves aren’t aware of it. In other cases, they may be aware that there is an issue, but not of its severity.

The dangerous thing about defective drugs is that it can sometimes take years for the problems to make themselves known, as it’s only through repeated exposure that the issues begin to manifest. It may also only affect a few people, and it can take a while for those people to discover that they are not alone in their suffering.

If you have been harmed by a defective drug in any way, consider taking a look at your options and perhaps contacting a legal professional. In doing so, you can provide yourself with the power you need to pursue compensation and medical treatment.

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